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1 season, 23 episodes

Introducing a new Amazon original series.

Segments from some of season 1’s ten new episodes

Politics The Agent What did the C.I.A. know about the 9/11 hijackers—before 9/11?
Culture Wolvesmouth The inspiration behind Craig Thornton’s conceptual restaurant, Wolvesmouth.
Culture Lone Star Nurse A nurse in Texas works with teen-age mothers who lack support.
Humor Last Session John Turturro stars in a comic short about quitting therapy.
Culture Who’s Your Daddy? Meet the proud father of the Times Square fixture the Naked Cowboy.
Politics The Ravaging Infection of American Guns Adam Gopnik argues for the more stringent regulation of firearms in the United States.
Politics Protect and Serve Families in Albuquerque fight for police accountability.
Science & Tech The “Truman Show” Delusion A look at paranoia patients who believe their lives are being watched on TV.
Culture The World’s Most Dangerous Sport Children prepare for the most dangerous organized sport in the world: bull riding.
Culture The Death and Life of Atlantic City How the closure of Revel casino changed a town.
Culture The Fried-Chicken King of Harlem Charles Gabriel is running one of the last old-school chicken joints in the city.
Culture The Man Without a Mask How the drag queen Cassandro became a star of Mexican wrestling.
Science & Tech What’s Motivating Hayes After Tyrone Hayes said that a chemical was harmful, its maker pursued him.
Culture “Roy Spivey” A short story about travelling with a movie star.
Culture L.A. Glows Why Southern California doesn’t look like anywhere else.
Science & Tech The Psychology of Space Can a Norwegian firm solve the problems of Times Square?
Culture The Hell-Raiser A megachurch pastor’s search for a more forgiving faith.
Culture Friend of Bill Strangers share stories of Bill Murray unexpectedly appearing.
Culture The Silver Thief For one obsessive burglar, only sterling will do.
Science & Tech Up and Then Down The lives of elevators.
Culture The Cyclist (El Ciclista) The filmmaker Eugene Jarecki learns about Cuba by becoming a criminal there.
Culture Snoops A meeting of the Society of Professional Investigators.
Science & Tech Never Alone Could a video game help to preserve Inuit culture?