Season Four

Culture A Happy Newish Year to All This week, Bob Mankoff looks at the submissions for the Caption Contest, and Colin Stokes explains how to become a contributing cartoonist to the magazine.
Humor The Ball Is in Our Court In the latest episode of The Cartoon Lounge, crossword-puzzle wiz Will Shortz and cartoon wiz Bob Mankoff team up for a fierce ping-pong doubles tournament.
Humor All You Need is Love This week, Bob Mankoff discusses romantic cartoons just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Humor Schmoozin’ and Choosin’ This week, Bob Mankoff offers a glimpse into the process by which The New Yorker chooses the cartoons for forthcoming issues of the magazine.
Humor We Get Mail This week, Bob Mankoff reads a charming complaint letter from a six-year-old girl who asks why kids can’t enter the caption contest.
Humor Help! This week, Bob Mankoff explains how to use the brand-new caption-contest voting tool.
Humor Complaint Department This week, Bob Mankoff responds to a letter from a reader with celiac disease, and consults with a cartoonist on the merits of a gluten-free diet.
Humor The Trump Trope This week, Bob Mankoff looks at Trump-themed cartoons and meets with cartoonists submitting work for publication in the magazine.
Humor Give Me an “M”! This week, Bob Mankoff looks at Mother's Day-themed cartoons previously published in the magazine.
Humor What’s Appening This week, Bob Mankoff explores the Cartoons at Random feature of the New Yorker Today app.
Humor How Lazy Am I? This week, Bob Mankoff responds to a letter submitted by a participant in the New Yorker's Caption Contest.
Culture Declaring Independence In this episode, Bob Mankoff explores the venerable document that changed history.
Culture De Trop Tropes This week, Bob Mankoff looks at the history of the cliché in cartooning.