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Culture Wet Paint Why are there are so many “Wet Paint” signs in the subway? Henry, a Belgian expat, investigates.
Humor A Mouse Problem But maybe it’s not that bad?
Culture The Home Team In this episode, Emma Allen, the new cartoon editor at The New Yorker, and Colin Stokes, the new associate cartoon editor, play baseball.
Humor Millennial Hoarders A new generation of #hoarders has emerged—and gone mobile.
Culture Name That Toon! In this episode, Bob Mankoff considers the role of clichés in cartooning, looking back at familiar tropes such as stampeding lemmings and the Grim Reaper.
Culture “5 Films About Technology” A look at the dumber side of technology.
Humor The Hand Sanitizer Most hand sanitizers only kill 99.99 per cent of germs. Henry, a Belgian expat, has taken it upon himself to eradicate all of them.
Culture Spring Has Sprung In this episode, Bob Mankoff and the associate cartoon editor, Colin Stokes, spend quality time with Percival the plant, and look at vegetation-themed cartoons.
Culture The N.B.A.’s Great Impersonator Brandon Armstrong hilariously mimics basketball’s biggest stars.
Culture Caption Contest Entries: Celebrity Edition In this episode, Bob Mankoff and The New Yorker’s newly anointed associate cartoon editor, Colin Stokes, review celebrity submissions to the caption contest.
Humor Oscar Night: The Choice is Ours! In this episode, Bob Mankoff and his assistant, Colin Stokes, cast their predictions for the 2017 Academy Awards.
Humor The Moleskine Artist Meet Henry, a Belgian expat whose passion for Moleskine notebooks has inspired him to become a full-time artist.