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Culture “Actress” and Performing the Self Act natural: From Robert Greene's “Actress,” to the Maysles brothers' “Grey Gardens,” to Shirley Clarke's “Portrait of Jason,” there's a rich history of performance in documentary, of subjects playing themselves.
Culture What Do You Ink? Emma and Colin call on cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein for a tattoo consultation.
Culture Eighty Years of New York City, Then and Now A split-screen tour of the same streets in New York City, from the nineteen-thirties and today.
Culture A Genealogy of the Cartoon Grim Reaper The Grim Reaper—that black-coated, scythe-carrying personification of death—has appeared in over a hundred and four cartoons in The New Yorker since 1937. But where was he prior to that?
Culture Howdy, Conner O’Malley The comedian swings by to get feedback on his first forays into gag cartooning.
Culture “Dishonored” Richard Brody on Josef von Sternberg’s most scintillating collaboration with Marlene Dietrich, “Dishonored,” from 1931.
Culture Wet Paint Why are there are so many “Wet Paint” signs in the subway? Henry, a Belgian expat, investigates.
Culture “Mother” Richard Brody on Albert Brooks’s “Mother,” from 1996.
Culture The Home Team In this episode, Emma Allen, the new cartoon editor at The New Yorker, and Colin Stokes, the new associate cartoon editor, play baseball.
Culture “Strange Victory” Richard Brody on Leo Hurwitz’s “Strange Victory,” from 1948.
Culture Name That Toon! In this episode, Bob Mankoff considers the role of clichés in cartooning, looking back at familiar tropes such as stampeding lemmings and the Grim Reaper.
Culture “5 Films About Technology” A look at the dumber side of technology.